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Secure, Automated Access Management for Airbnb Rentals.

Automate Your Rentals

Your guests arrive later than expected, but you are no longer on site for the handover of keys?

SHARELOCK provides the flexibility you need as a host. You decide whether you want to welcome your guests personally or let SHARELOCK manage the access to your apartment. Our secure lock system automatically generates a custom personal entry code for the specific reservation of your guests. You are in control at all times.

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share lock backside freisteller
share lock backside freisteller
share lock backside freisteller


  • Keyless access for your guests with SHARELOCK
  • No App download required
  • 24/7 self check-in & check-out with a 6-digit access code
  • Give your guests access to your apartment from anywhere
  • Automated dispatch of temporary access authorizations
  • Seamless integration withfibaro logo

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Seamless integration for hosts

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Link your Sharelock account to your Airbnb, or HomeAway account – your guests will automatically receive a digital access code after booking. The codes will expire at the end of your guests stay.

4/7 Check-In & Check-Out

24/7 Check-In & Check-Out

Tedious key handovers are a thing of the past. With round-the-clock check-in and check-out times, SHARELOCK provides maximum convenience to you and your guests.

Full Control

Full Control

Our access log allows you to view the locking processes carried out and the status of the door lock at any time. As administrator, you are qualified to update access codes and send new ones manually. Or you simply relax and let Sharelock do the work.

Smart Service

Smart Service

Even for service providers and cleaning staff, digital access authorizations can be assigned at the push of a button at any time and from anywhere.

How to Setup Sharelock

  • 1Buy SHARELOCK S3 and subscribe to our Service.
  • 2Schedule a meeting with one of our partners to have the smart lock installed at your rental property.
  • 3Create a Sharelock account and connect it to your Airbnb, or HomeAway account.
  • 4Your guest will automatically receive an e-mail with the access code to your property after booking confirmation.
  • 5If the booking is changed or cancelled, the access codes are automatically updated or withdrawn from your smart lock.
  • 6The digital access code expires automatically after the end of booking.

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Sharelock S3 is available on Allegro.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • FAQ
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    • 1. 1. What is Sharelock?

      Sharelock is a secure solution for rental properties automation, providing flexibility to both property owner and regular tenants. Sharelock consists of a digital smart lock and a software for access management to your apartment. The Sharelock system is fully integrated with Online Travel Agencies (OTA), such as Airbnb, or HomeAway and automatically creates and sends access tokens to your guests. As Admin, you are in full control at all times, as you can give and revoke permission to access your property at any time and from anywhere.

    • 2. 2. How does Sharelock work?

      The smart lock is connected to Sharelock’s secure system. Within, you can either automate your rentals by integrating your Airbnb account or you give/ revoke access permissions to your rental property manually. You can also use a combination of both options to have maximum flexibility.

    • 3. 3. How do I send or revoke access tokens remotely?

      To send access tokens (6-digit codes to unlock your door) remotely, login to your account, head to account – my apartment – settings – edit access token or follow the instructions in our manual.

    • 4. 4. How do I install & setup my Sharelock?

      To install the smart lock, hire one of the Sharelock certified installer. To see which lock system work with Sharelock S3, click here. To use the smart locks’ full potential, you need to setup, register the lock and integrate your Airbnb, or HomeAway account (please find our manual here). If you want to use Sharelock without the apartment automation service, click here to see how to create, edit and delete access tokens.

    • 5. 5. Who operates Sharelock?

      The operator of Sharelock is Autorun sp. z o. o. To contact the Sharelock customer support, call +48 22 100 40 90 (PL/EN/DE) or send an e-mail to

    • 6. 6. How safe is Sharelock?

      Sharelock is designed on the highest security standards. Sharelock uses the 128 bits encryption technology that have proven to be safe in banking and home automation. Data is not stored on our servers. Therefore, Sharelock is protected from undesired access.

    • 7. 7. Where can I buy Sharelock?

      Sharelock is currently available at:
      a.i. Fibaro
      a.ii. eBay
      a.iii. Facebook

    • 8. 8. Does Sharelock only integrate with Airbnb?

      Sharelock currently integrates Airbnb, and HomeAway. More Online Travel Agencies (OTA) are to be integrated in the near future.

    • 9. 9. Does the lock fit to my door?

      In general, Sharelock S3 can be install in every inner door of apartments / houses / rooms where the lock is not directly exposed to weather conditions, such as rain, frost or extreme heat. Sharelock shall not be used for the outer front door.

    • 10. 10. Can I still lock / unlock the door with my regular key?

      In case of emergency or low battery, you can unlock the door with a regular key. Please find a detailed description on how to unlock your door in our manual.

    • 11. 11. What to do if my lock is out of energy?

      Sharelock will automatically send you an alert message before your smart lock battery is on the critical low level. Please find a detailed description on how to charge your smart lock/ change the battery in our manual. In any case, you are still able to enter the property with your emergency (mechanical) key.

    • 12. 12. Which smart home systems are compatible with Sharelock?

      Seamless integration is currently possible with Fibaro’s smart home systems.

    • 13. 13. How do I reset?

      Sharelock is a stable system. In case you need to reset the smart lock / smart system, disconnect the power supply for 5 seconds and restore it again. The lock / smart system will boot up automatically continuing smooth operation.

    • 14. 14. How do I update the smart lock/ Are updates necessary?

      Our smart lock does not need firmware updates. The smart home system, managing the lock and all smart features of your rental property, may occasionally need software updates. The updates are free for life as long as you are subscribed to our service.

    • 15. 15. How safe are my personal data?

      a.The highest possible security standards are maintained to keep your data secure. No concessions with regard to security will ever be made.